Film Review: Crooked House 2017 (6/10)

crooked house-poster

Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner

Starring: Max Irons, Terence Stamp, Glenn Close, Gillian Anderson, Stefanie Martini and Christina Hendricks

This is the second time this year we see a film based on the crime novel by Agatha Christie only few weeks following the release of (Murder on the Orient Express) and this is no surprise to anyone who have read Agatha Christie novels as all are very well written with a perfect plot and well described characters. I would love to see this as a start to a series of more Agatha Christie adaptations.

But also for the second time I feel even with a very well-chosen cast, great production design, decoration, and customs there was something missing or not right. Mostly the performance and appearance (of Christena Hendrick who played the second wife of the diseased Brenda, Gillian Anderson and Amanda Abington who played the daughters in low) was exaggerated and not convincing.

On the other hand, the performance of Glen Close (who played the role of the aunt) was a real pleasure to watch in addition to Max Iron (the detective) and Stefanie Martini (who played the granddaughter).

Overall this is still a film worth watching, for a nicely written crime drama and overall entertaining family movie with no violence, bad language or inappropriate scenes …. Perfect for the holiday season.


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