Film Review: American Made 2017 (7/10)

American Made

Director: Doug Liman

Written by‎: ‎Gary Spinelli

Starring: Tom Cruise

When you see Tom Cruise on the movie poster it is like no brainer, of course I am going specially with the lack of any other movie of my liking for the entire summer. Tom Cruise has always been and probably will always be a box office star. You know you will get action, entertainment and your cinema ticket is worth its price tag. But what I didn’t see coming is seeing Tom Cruise in a biographical action drama showing the unsurprising dirty side of the US foreign policy in south America during the eighties. Oh and you will still get the charming entertaining action thriller that you paid for. I must admit it brought joy to me seeing Tom Cruise back to more serious cinema …brought back the days of A few Good Men and Jerry Maguire.

The movie was directed by Doug Liman who has made the movie series The Bourn Identity along with other movies such as Mr & Mrs Smith. So the movie rhythm was just right filled with thriller and sense of humor and keeps you engaged all along. I also liked the movie style where the ugly truth about US doings was presented in light way making it an easy watch but still provides heavy history.

I don’t anticipate this movie to get in to the award nominations for 2017 but who cares … it was really entertaining and informative.


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