Film Review: Hell, or High Water 2016 (5/10)


Staring – Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges
Directed by David Mackenzie

Still trying to catch up on 2016 movies which were nominated for Best Picture award at the Oscars (due to most of them for some reason didn’t make it to the cinema theater in Dubai) and after reading many reviews highly recommending this movie, I thought it is time to watch it.

It is important to note I am not a big fan of Western American movies maybe because I don’t grasp the accent and possibly because I don’t relate much to the culture. Therefore, this time I feel I am being slightly biased.

An hour in to the movie when I started to wonder why it was among the nominated movies for best picture in 2016 Oscars. The movie was slow and the acting and directing was average.

When I finished the movie, I started to see the qualities this movie has to offer, it is presenting a really good story rich with so many emotions and has relevance to our modern lives but still keeps the western taste. I have also enjoyed the scenery.

Both Chris Pine and Ben Foster showed good performance. I consider it to be their best so far.

Jeff Bridges was nominated for best supporting actor for his role while I only saw average performance.

The problem is, with such good story, screenplay and cast I really excepted a lot more. I feel the Director has failed me somehow. He was successful in presenting a modern western culture but that was it.

I would however say, if you are a fan of western movies then don’t get discouraged by this review you will see the vast majority of people of social media consider this to be one of the classics which will live forever.
Maybe few years later I could re-consider 

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