Book Review: And the Mountains Echoed (5/10)

By: Khaled Hosseini

And the mountain echoed

This is the 3rd novel by the best-selling author Khaled Hosseini who writes beautifully about life in Afghanistan. His first two novels (The Kite Runner) and (A thousand Splendid Sun) are brilliant and I really enjoyed reading both.

This novel is similar in pattern to the first two in the sense it also tells the story of Afghanistan starting from the late forties and goes all the way to the present time showing the different stages the country went through while following the lives of the characters.

The novel is about a sister and a brother who were separated at early age and how their lives and personalities were shaped by this major event.

As always Khaled Hosseini is a talented storyteller and he is genius in the way he portrays the characters. Each character is so well written that makes you feel you know it in person.
However, having read and immensely enjoyed both of his earlier novels I was quite disappointed with this one and almost struggled to finish it.

The main problem this time is there were too many characters and too many inner stories to follow within the main one.. also there was a lot of jumping from one story to another without having a closure ….. so each little story was splendid but by the time I am hooked and started to be keen to know what will happen the events take another turn and I don’t get to know how this part of the story or character ended.

This novel I think would probably make a nice movie similar in structure of Valentines Day. I hope he didn’t write it on the hope they will make it in to a movie same as the Kite Runner.


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