Film Review: Split 2016 (7/10)


Writer & Director: M. Night Shyamala
Starring: James McAvoy

I certainly have heard of multiple personality disorder, and may have seen some comedy movies showing the humor side of it but to be able to watch someone switching between those personalities in such elegance was truly remarkable. The performance of James McAvoy was brilliant and I can’t picture any other actor doing it. I am puzzled how his role was not nominated for the main film awards such as The Golden Globe and The Oscars.

Also praise to the Director M. Night Shaymala for making the movie interesting and entertaining even though you know at the outset the entire story.

Movies are a magical world where each person sees what he wants to see. The wow factor to me was the theory in the movie about how the mind power effects the physical status of the body including illness, appearance and strength …… this goes so well with all the new theories about the powers of the mind …… I wonder if there are any studies linking multiple personality disorder to the power of the mind.

It is worth noting the Director M. Night Shaymala has made The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and The Village.

My verdict, yes it didn’t make it to the Oscars but I think this is one of the very interesting psychological thrillers that were made



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