Film Review: The Mercy – 2017 (6/10)

the mercey

Director: James Marsh

Starring: Colin Firth, Rachel Weisz, David Thewlis and Ken Scott

When extreme pressure, duress and total desperation pushes a good, decent brave man to cover up a failure. This film shows this particular aspect really well … humans… the good ones who have strong morals and choose to do the right thing sometimes can’t put up with the pressure they fall under and sometimes feel they have to deviate.

This film is a British Biographical drama based on the true story of Donald Crowhurst, an amateur sailor who attempted to sail nonstop around the world using a self-designed boat.

The reason this film is fascinating, for a change we don’t particularly follow the story of someone who faces the challenge and rise above it but instead we come face to face with the human vulnerability and see the thought process behind some destiny defining decisions taken in desperate measures and the pain of having to face the aftermath. The second point here is seeing how since Media ever existed was never about reporting news but it is the tool and weapon to manipulate and influence human thinking and behavior.

I am a big fan of Colin Firth, Rachel Weisz and David Thewlis who were all nice to watch, but I thought Colin Firth had the largest share of the beautiful solo performance, I especially liked the parts when he hesitates before going on the trip not knowing which decision he will regret more. I also liked the performance of David Thewlis very much.

While the film has showed a really beautiful part of England (Teignmouth), had good production design for the 60s era – somehow, I think more could have been achieved on the cinematography side.



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