Film Review: Jackie 2016 (6/10)


Director: Pablo Larrain

Starring: Natalie Portman

I am a big fan of historic dramas and biographical movies, as it is the most interesting way to learn history.

Jackie movie was surly interesting to watch since there aren’t many movies about Jacqueline Kennedy despite the many movies about the president John Kennedy.

The film is not a Biography about Jacqueline Kennedy but rather describes the moments that followed the shooting of president JFK along with flashbacks from the days she became the first lady.

The film also copied a big part of the real show (Jacqueline Kennedy White House Tour 1962) scene by scene and word for word.

The movie was strangely slow and very cold, I was also quite disappointed by how they portrayed her in the movie. It was fair to show her very confused and depressed considering the circumstances but they also showed her self-centered and cold. I had a different image about the beautiful first lady in my head.

From contents point of view the film offered nothing new or informative which is another disappointment. The White House tour is available on youtube as well as many real video footages for the moments covered in the movie such as the shooting incident and the funeral.

So the movie in my opinion was hugely just displaying the acting muscles of Natalie Portman in impersonating Jacqueline Kennedy ……. And yes she did a good job , well at least in terms of copying the her moves, her walk and her accent … she probably fell a bit short on the face expression which I found to be a bit exaggerated but with the good hair, costume and make up … overall it gives a convincing performance.

The movie was nominated in the 2017 Academy Award (Oscars) for Best Actress, Best Original Score and Best Costume Design.


One thought on “Film Review: Jackie 2016 (6/10)

  1. IMad KUbba September 20, 2018 / 2:04 am

    This my comment on your review of the Jackie film.
    Thank you Zaineb for your great review. Actually, I did not intend to watch the film but I was encouraged to do so after reading your review although you did not give high rating for the film. I am glad that I did watch the film and I rate it very high, may be 8/10.
    The film is a great and successful dramatisation of the John Kennedy’s murder and a sensitive attempt to portray the personality of Jackie through the the events of her husband death. I did not expect to be so impressed by a film about Jackie and John Kennedy’s death because I have seen so many documentations and films about this subject. But I think it is due to the great acting of Natalie Portman and the directing of Pablo Larrain that this film succeeds in revealing the many layers of Jackie’s personality. She is portrayed to be devoured by many contradicting feelings about her husband and people around her specially during these eventful days after his murder. Her thoughts wandered aimlessly : did she love her husband?, did her husband love her? Can she trust the people around her? Was she selfish in her demand for a great funeral procession?
    The film succeeds in fusing the real scenes as they happened with the Jackie’s thoughts, and the scene of Jackie in the car putting her hands on John’s head to keep it in place with the blood splashing all over the place was truly horrific.

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